Reflections on Trust


When faith deserts you, when all around you seems a deep dark abyss, when you have to dig deep to call up your courage, when you need it most, then trust seems at its most elusive. And yet … and yet… that’s when you need to trust the most.

Trust who you are.
Trust in the infinite wisdom that created you.
Trust that an idea never leaves its source.
Trust that all will be well.
Trust that there is a level where all is already well.

Trust that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time that is perfect for you.
Trust that you are playing your part as best you can on the stage of life.
Trust that you are exactly where you need to be for where you are going.

Trust that your soul is guiding you unerringly towards your highest good.
Trust that you are doing exactly what you came to this earth to do.
Trust that although you may not explicitly know it or believe it, you are perfection.Trust that you came here to have a human experience and that is exactly what you are having.

Trust that although you had forgotten who you are, you still are who you are!

Trust that your experience of the world is an interpretation of input from your five senses.
Trust that the world’s thinking and doing is part of the passing parade of events.

Trust that the underlying essence of all is there, always, in the silence and stillness in the space between words, in the space between sounds, in the space between objects, in the space between molecules, in the space between atoms, in the space between the tiniest particles.

Trust that even though your world is falling apart, you will survive, you will thrive, you will find a way, if you so will it.

Trust that above all else, you are loved, you are cherished and you are treasured.
Trust that you will be guided, you will be shown, you will be led if you trust enough to be open, to notice, to follow.
Trust that opening yourself and being vulnerable though it seems the most frightening thing of all, is where your power lies.

Trust that you know who you are. The deepest part of you knows. The deepest part of you wants you to know that you are love, that you are spirit, that you are eternal. That this sojourn on earth is your piece of heaven on earth, that love is there always, as is joy and bliss.  That worldly thinking and doing has merely drawn a curtain over it. Your job is to remove the blocks to love, so you can know who you are, pull back the curtains and realise you are heaven on earth; you are the kingdom of God.

Trust that when you need it most, you will be able to dig deep and draw on your belief in trust. Trusting that it will provide a safety net, a thread of hope, a golden ray of light to hold onto, to follow, to trust and ultimately renew your faith in trust, because it pulled you through from a place of darkness to a place of light.

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  1. Tracy de Gietelink says:

    Thank you so very much for this, Riana. It’s timing is impeccable, and so very welcome. I have recently been shaken to the core, and am struggling to trust any of my senses. This piece on trust has gone some way to soothing my mauled faith in myself. Thank you xx

    • Riana says:

      Hi Tracy, so sorry to hear of your struggles with trust and faith in yourself. And glad you found this helpful. If I may be so bold, use the tools here in the blog and also in the 5 Minute Guide you received when you subsribed, to help you. Sometimes though, you need more than that, so when you are ready, if you have not done so already, find someone you can trust, who will listen to you, acknowledge you without judgement, blame and no agenda, to be a support for you so you’re not struggling on your own. A gift to yourself. Remember to remember you are loved. All the very best:) Riana

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