Ten Rules for Being Human

Rules for being human. Simple. Straightforward. Old as the hills. And still we lose our way. Some of us take a lifetime to learn our lessons and discover these truths for ourselves. Whoever said simple was easy? A friend shared the rules with me. ‘Look what my son sent me,’ she said in a voice rich with a mother’s love and joy in her fifteen year old son who are so appreciative of these wise words – wisdom way beyond […] Continue reading»

March, the lion and the lamb

Grandma would be proud of me. She always used to say ‘you are never too old to learn something new.’ Well, today I did just that. You see, I always thought the saying ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’ means that March begins with the promise of spring and ends with wintry, cold and wet weather. Today I learned that ‘lion’ in this instance means ‘winter’ and ‘lamb’ means ‘spring’. Well, blow me down! […] Continue reading»

‘Tis the season of peace on earth and goodwill to all

christmas, decoration, merry christmas

Christmas. The holiday season. A season of “peace on earth and goodwill to all men.” A time when we send cards and messages to friends, family and loved ones to wish them love, happiness, peace, blessings, joy and prosperity. Like many people these days, I don’t send so many cards anymore. It is a dying tradition, what with electronic cards, emails, Facebook and so many other social media platforms. I have my core list though to whom I send regularly, […] Continue reading»

A Glorious Summer of hazy, lazy, crazy days

Battle Proms crowd at Highclere Castle

Summer, glorious summer! I can go into raptures about summer. Hints of summer stir in me when I sense its approach in the tell-tale quality of light on a crisp, bright February day. The child in me delights when the cherry blossoms bloom in abandon. It reminds me of spring in South Africa. Orchard upon orchard of peach treas in bloom and the promise of luscious, juicy, mouth-watering yellow cling peaches; ready for picking and eating straight off the tree. […] Continue reading»

Krishna & Arjun: A modern day conversation

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Don’t have free time? Life has become complicated? Constantly unhappy? Listen in on a modern conversation* between Krishna & Today’s Arjun. It is recommended that you read it out loud. Read it out loud to your family too. Arjun : I can’t find free time. Life has become hectic. Krishna : Activity gets you busy. But productivity gets you free. Arjun : Why has life become complicated now? Krishna : Stop analyzing life… It makes it complicated. Just live it. Arjun […] Continue reading»