Who do you love to work with?

who do you love to work with, ideal client, friend, business partnersOn my recent trip to South Africa, I met a young man I would dearly love to work with.

If you’re in business and you know your ideal client, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

You meet them and you just know ‘You’re the one!’

This particular young man has taken it upon himself to start up the Cape Town branch of a business that is highly successful in Johannesburg.

What I LOVE about him is:

  • His enthusiasm for his work. He is SO excited about this opportunity, it is tangible.
  • His belief in himself and the value of his services. He knows and has plenty of evidence that his services solve a real pain point for his clients.
  • His ethics. He knows there is competition. He has seen some of their work and he knows he delivers a better service. He plays it straight down the line without blaming or pointing fingers at poor workmanship. He merely says, ‘this is what I can do for you, this is how I will do it, this is how I will continue to look after you and this is what it will cost you.’
  • His courage. He is not afraid to pound the streets and knock on doors. He will do what it takes to get business, to keep his clients happy and to make a success of it.
  • He does not worry about money. He has an unshakable faith that if he does the right thing, looks after his clients, looks after the staff, brings in the business, the money will be there.
  • He has BIG dreams. For this business. For his life. For his family. For his country.
  • His vision is to grow his own business and help other businesses grow so they can create employment opportunities and contribute to the economy.

It was so refreshing to talk to him; you can’t help but come away buzzing. His enthusiasm and energy were truly infectious.

Those are the kind of clients I love to work with. They inspire ME. They have big dreams, they know what they want, they enlist people to help them, support them, mentor them, challenge them, dream with them, work with them. And they make it happen.

They give of their best and they invariably spark the best in others.
You feel good around them.
What is not to love about that?

Now it’s your turn.

Who do YOU love to work with?



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