Tame Tough Conversations

How to stand up for yourself, own your emotions, mean what you say and say what you mean.

Many everyday situations challenge our inner peace:

  • Your partner overspending or drinking too much
  • Your teenager keeping suspect company
  • Your interfering in-laws
  • Your nit-picking or demanding boss
  • On and on it goes, leaving a trail of strained relationships in its wake.

Then there are those really tough situations

  • Relationship breakdown
  • Divorce
  • Family fall-outs over a last will and testament, the care of a loved one or something else.

The wisdom of the ages suggests that

‘Our greatest freedom lies in the space between an outside stimulus and our response’. Anon.

That is all very well, but…

What do you do when others break promises and wreak havoc with their disruptive behaviour?

  • Do you walk away? Do you address it?
  • If you address it, how do you do it in a way that ‘creates the freedom in the space’ that quote talks about?
  • What about the relationship itself?
  • How do you create that ‘space’?
  • Where is the freedom? How do we access it?
  • How do we change our habitual responses?

This is where my 3-Point-Plan for Tough Conversations can help you.

  • It will show you the relationship between the trigger and your response.
  • It will show you how you can create the opportunity to change your mind and change your response.
  • It will show you how you can say what’s on your mind without upsetting yourself and the other person.
  • It will give you the tools to build and enrich relationships, rebuild and heal broken relationships.

You can do all of this with my 3-Point-Plan for Tough Conversations. Using Purpose, Perspective and Process, I will show you how to set a clear intention for your conversation, interrogate reality for more options so you can safely guide the conversation towards its intended purpose.

Are you up for it?

Find out more about my 3-Point-Plan here.