What a horse taught me about perseverance

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Many years ago, I signed up for horse-riding lessons. My children, 5 and 9 at the time, wanted to learn. Instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, I decided I might as well join them. Next thing I knew, I was the butt of jokes and laughter around the arena and beyond. My clumsiness, my ‘sack-o-potato’ riding style, my inability to control the horse, my scaredy-cat facial contortions and habit of veering away from the smallest of obstacles, trotting poles […] Continue reading»

Every outcome leads to learning

I have a friend who teaches mathematical concepts using balloons and soap bubbles at primary schools. She has a magical phrase she shares with the children: Every outcome leads to learning. It is very interesting to watch the children when she gives them a mathematical puzzle to solve. They look at each other. They look at their teachers. They look at the teaching assistants. They are looking for reassurance before they venture a response. They don’t want to get it […] Continue reading»

We are one

I have a physical body, just like you. I have a nervous system, just like you. I have feelings, just like you. I get angry, just like you. I love my family, just like you. When I fall down and graze my skin, it hurts, just like you. When I cut myself, it bleeds, just like you. My heart beats and pumps blood around my body, just like yours. Circumstances aside, I was created, conceived, just like you: Two fertile […] Continue reading»

Decisions, Decisions

Being a Libran ‘n all, I can get myself in a right knot when it comes to decision making, so it is always a bonus when I find ideas to help me make decisions. Oddly enough, I shared some of my own strategies last week to help a friend.  Here’s three  may find it useful too. The 75% Rule The thought behind this is that 75% is a goodly number. Basically you rate the option giving it a percentage value […] Continue reading»