March, the lion and the lamb

Grandma would be proud of me. She always used to say ‘you are never too old to learn something new.’ Well, today I did just that. You see, I always thought the saying ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’ means that March begins with the promise of spring and ends with wintry, cold and wet weather. Today I learned that ‘lion’ in this instance means ‘winter’ and ‘lamb’ means ‘spring’. Well, blow me down! […] Continue reading»

From Fear to Love: 7 Top Lessons

After nearly 55 years living with so many fears and insecurities – fears around death and loss; Self-Image issues that led to anorexia; lack of confidence and a resultant marriage break-up; crippling osteoarthritis and two hip replacements, Dianne Coop decided it was time to take control of her life and start thinking differently. Top Seven Lessons Here, in her own words, are the seven top lessons she learned as she clawed back her life –  from rock bottom to stepping […] Continue reading»

What is renting space in your head?

Shakespeare wisely said ‘Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.’ The thing is, we seem to be addicted to judging; always deciding whether something is good or bad. And don’t we just love to do it, especially with people! The sad thing is, once we have made up our mind about someone, we always look at them ‘through that filter’. For instance, once we’ve decided someone is lazy, annoying or stupid, we tend to always look […] Continue reading»

Pithy Words of Insight and Wisdom

Did you also grow up with the maxim ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away?’ Well, we can rest in peace now – research has finally proved that it’s indeed true. It does amuse me how we need the stamp of approval of a scientific experiment before we will yield to the idea that there may be another way to look at something. Yet science itself changes over time as new discoveries are made. Think how far medical science […] Continue reading»

Living up to the Madiba Legacy

During his long years in prison, Nelson Mandela noticed time and time again that no matter how cruel his jailers were, sooner or later they would display an act of pure goodness.  Thus he came to believe that there is a spark of divine goodness in every human being. This belief ties in with what Christianity teaches: We are made in the image of God. Similarly, A Course in Miracles teaches: You are as God created you. ACIM also says […] Continue reading»

Pondering the Simplicity of Life

Recently I’ve been catching myself thinking more and more along the lines of… I don’t think life is about going all out in the big world achieving great goals. I think it’s about being love; about being grateful; about being humble; about being kind; about being gentle. And if in the process you achieve greatness in the eyes of the world, then that’s marvellous. And if not, if you are merely the catalyst for happiness and love and laughter and […] Continue reading»

Humanity Heals Together

What would you do if your father was killed in a terrorist attack and your carefree life suddenly ripped apart? What would you do if you came face to face with the perpetrator whose action changed your life so irrevocably? Meet Jo Berry, founder of Building Bridges for Peace, a non-profit organisation promoting peace and conflict resolution throughout the world. In this video Jo tells her story: the pain and shock and her personal commitment. Continue reading»

A Trip to Treasure Friends

20 March 1999 was the day I first set foot on English soil. Adjusting to living and working here was a time of deep learning. Learning about myself, learning about another culture, learning that just because things are different, does not make it right or wrong.  I was very lucky. There were several people who supported me those first days, months and years. Eventually the time came when I could almost stand on my own two feet so to speak. […] Continue reading»

How to Get Rid of Guilt

Someone asked me this question a while ago: ‘How do I get rid of the guilt?’ When amongst friends and family, I normally chirp ‘Don’t do guilt. Go on any trip except a guilt trip.’ This is not the sort of thing you want to hear when guilt is weighing you down and you are feeling paralyzed, numb and worthless. So I went in search of answers. Here’s the best of what I found. Decide To Let It Go. In […] Continue reading»

Gateway to Higher Consciousness

I have just been listening to a blog radio talk show featuring Dr James Winborne of the International Academy of Metaphysics and Colin Tipping, Director of the Institute of Radical Forgiveness.  They were talking about the auspicious nature of today’s date – 11/11/11. This date is a gateway to higher consciousness, away from us (global community) experiencing our world as a five-sense physical reality only and beginning to realise there is more to reality than the physical world. Now we know […] Continue reading»