March, the lion and the lamb

Grandma would be proud of me. She always used to say ‘you are never too old to learn something new.’ Well, today I did just that. You see, I always thought the saying ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’ means that March begins with the promise of spring and ends with wintry, cold and wet weather. Today I learned that ‘lion’ in this instance means ‘winter’ and ‘lamb’ means ‘spring’. Well, blow me down! […] Continue reading»

Speaking up the Candid Way

I persuaded a friend to let me help him with an issue using the CANDID process I mentioned in last week’s post and got muddled up 🙁 Violating my own rules:  Test it on yourself first! I will… I will… I promise! CANDID is actually an acronym. The individual letters remind you of the steps of this process and the word CANDID itself, is a reminder that those conversations we shy away from or where we don’t get the results […] Continue reading»

Candidly Speaking

Last week I told the story about the monks in a monastery where things were not going so well and the cryptic message from a rabbi, “one of you is the Messiah.” With their curiosity peaked, they started wondering which one of them might be the Messiah. And that simple change, when they started looking at one another as though anyone of them could be the Messiah, changed the whole atmosphere at the monastery. This change can be summarised in […] Continue reading»

Be Curious, Not Furious

Many everyday situations challenge our inner peace. Your partner overspending or drinking too much Your teenager keeping suspect company Your interfering in-laws Your nit-picking or demanding boss On and on it goes, leaving a trail of strained relationships in its wake. How do you typically respond to situations like these? Do you ignore it, pretend it is not happening, make out it is not a big deal? Denying it? Do you respond in anger, shouting, name calling or some other […] Continue reading»

5 Techniques For Having A Difficult Conversation With Your Other Half

Before I launch into these techniques,  let me be upfront and explain exactly who this ‘other half’ is. It is NOT your husband, wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend or other significant person. Oh no! It’s much closer to home than that. I am talking about the other half of YOU – that OTHER voice in your head.  The one that tells you off for not doing the things you ‘should’, for making sure you know you are not ‘good enough’.  The […] Continue reading»

Beware These Words

There is a saying that goes ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ I beg to differ. I know the phrase is a saying to let others know that bad things they say or write about you does not hurt you. My experience has been different. When you are in the middle of an argument or a difficult conversation, caught up in strong emotions and can’t get the other person to see our point […] Continue reading»

Facing a Difficult Conversation?

So someone commented… ‘Your site is about difficult conversations, how to have those tough conversations, the one’s you’d rather not have for fear of the damage it can do, yet you seem to write about everything except that’. Good point. How does what I blog about here relate to tough conversations? Now I’ll do that annoying thing and answer the question with a question: How do YOU show up in a difficult conversation? Who are you during those crucial moments […] Continue reading»