Client Stories

These client stories are from the wonderful people I have had the privilege to work with. A big thank you for your awesomeness and trust in me. Your stories inspire me as I hope they inspire others.
Much love always. Riana

Tough Conversations

I loved your talk on Tools for Talking when Talking is Tough and your three point plan for approaching tough conversations. It was really helpful, I must admit I have never heard anyone speak about communication in the way you did.

Karen Bashford, The Money Goddess at

Releasing Resistance

Going through Riana’s process has finally released the resistance and procrastination that has been holding me back from bringing my full genius to the world. Riana’s calm and supportive energy created a wonderfully safe space to identify the issues behind the blocks, and to feel secure in releasing them. Since working with Riana I have attracted new clients, run a successful workshop, and made real progress with my marketing plan – I am enjoying being ‘out there’ with my work and creating real results.

Andrew Horder,  London, UK

Emotional Well-Being

I was in a bit of a place and was sent by a friend to Riana. I found Riana kind and she jumped straight into a process with me as I was feeling really sad. This was very helpful and I appreciated her commitment in the moment to help me. She listened without judging me and responded in such a way that I felt heard and understood. That was great. Thanks Riana and many blessings to you.

Alix H, London, UK

Emotional Well-Being

Thank you Riana for giving me the environment of trust and care where I finally felt safe enough to make connections and explore some events I had mentally been running away from out of fear that the emotions would be too intense and I wouldn’t be able to stop once the gates had been opened. Your kindness, generosity and quiet reassurance has helped me to move forward on my journey. Thank you.

Helen L, London, UK

Saving Time

My conversation with Riana enabled me to step back just enough to look at our business processes and individual responsibilities afresh. Once back in the office I juggled a few of the ‘daily’ tasks from my list; spent 30 minutes writing a short reference tutorial and successfully switched the tasks to a junior member of staff. That has saved me 2-3 hours a day of my time to concentrate on growing the business, whilst the increased responsibility has raised the productivity and enthusiasm of the junior staff member.
That’s a win-win on so many levels – I’m not bored doing a mundane task; I’m free to develop more business (which we have!); the junior staff member has ‘grown’ in the job; because they are giving the tasks the care and attention it deserves there are less mistakes made and better information available for customers and management.

Mike Kiy, Managing Director, Yes We Do Websites

Empowering Confidence

When I started working with Riana I felt totally overwhelmed, had lost all confidence and felt I could not cope with my work. Riana provided time and space so I could talk and reflect on situations I found difficult. She challenged me on limiting beliefs, shared tools, offered suggestions and acted as a sounding board. Now I am confident in my role and abilities and know I have what it takes to stay on top of my job and lead a highly motivated team.

Katie Berry, Director of Development, Middlesex Cricket Board, UK

Giving Insights

I copied you in on two emails demonstrating the conflict between members of my team. You gave me an analysis of what was going on, a point of view from each individual and ideas on how to approach it. Enough so I could speak to them with compassion and insight, resolve the issue and put systems in place to prevent similar issues. What you gave me was so valuable; it probably prevented a team member from leaving.

Caroline Ainslee, Founder of Bubbly Maths, Making Maths Fun

Attentive Listening

“I felt listened to because you gave me the right kind of space and honouring of where I’m coming from. There is something affirming and acknowledging being given that space and allowed to be who I am in that moment. The gift of being listened to is a special gift. You don’t get it very often.”

Cherry Douglas, Bromley, UK


“You are very good at explaining a situation in such a way that I feel good about myself.”

Edwin Lightstone, Redhill, UK

Getting to Clarity

“I have had the pleasure of Riana working with me and I can tell you that she is a woman of great integrity, skill and tremendous compassion. She really knows her stuff and she helped me think through some very difficult questions in crucial situations for me. So if you’re looking for someone to work with you and to be your guide, you really can choose no one better than Riana.”

Lynne, London UK



“Calmness – you seem to automatically spread a calm rational atmosphere. Soft spoken and gentle and yet maintain a very powerful presence in a room. A natural respect for those around you.”

Karen, Croydon UK

Untangling Thoughts

“Thank you, Riana, for all your advice and support. Most of all, thank you for teaching me to ‘fish for myself.’ From being broke, panicked and overwhelmed by everything I felt I had no control over, I now know that I can look after myself, my child and my own affairs. I have that confidence! It was hard work, but now I know. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me.”

Amelia van Zyl, Table View, South Africa

Untangling Thoughts

“When a vacancy opened up in another department, I was eager to pursue it, though dreaded telling my manager, as I had strong reasons to suspect that it would badly damage our working relationship. As I did not want to risk it, I decided to let the opportunity go. Then I spoke to Riana. She gave me tips on how I could approach him and set up a win-win situation. The conversation with my manager went well and I went on to pursue the opportunity with his blessing. I highly recommend Riana if you are looking for someone to show you a different point of view in your challenges.”

Oyebola Opaneye, London


“I had a difficult conversation come up and asked Riana for some tips. She spent some time asking all relevant questions and then gave me direction on how I could handle the situation with ease. One of the things I took away from the tips was to be able to speak in the other person’s language. Hear them out and build a strong rapport with them. I used this to break the ice with the other person and get them to open up. I now use this in all communication, not just difficult conversations. I feel that what Riana has to offer is very useful in building better communications with the relationships around us and get even better results.”

Dipal Jayanti, Founder and Creative Director of Radiant Interiors, London

Accepting Change

“I have found the coaching very useful in helping me to articulate thoughts and feelings I have had but never expressed. This particularly applies to work matters around my own perceptions of processes, approaches and decisions. I have learnt a lot about myself that I never knew. Coaching has helped me rationalise changes, recognise when a change in role is useful and to some extent give advice to others in a similar position.”

Eddie, London, UK


“Riana has been an excellent coach to me. She has been able to analyse the situations I have been through with great accuracy and explain them in a way that makes perfect sense now, so I can see why I did what I did. She is easy to talk to and be open with, and allows me to reflect on my own feelings.”

Mike, Croydon, UK

Uplifting Self-Esteem

“Riana’s coaching showed me how much I do and to congratulate myself rather than be negative about what I have not done. And I loved the tool she introduced me to, post-it-notes, with actions broken down into manageable pieces. I NEED MORE SESSIONS!!”

Anne, Croydon, UK

Empowering Confidence

“Riana’s soft-spoken and gentle, coaxing voice belies a determined, challenging but sensitive approach, which is helping me achieve my goals to complete my studies and set up my own business. Some of the areas we worked on has been quite painful for me to explore, but thanks to Riana’s empathic insight , these limiting beliefs are now much less limiting. Her succinct reflecting back is always helpful as it adds clarity to my thinking and frequently provides a new dimension to my take on things.”

Sue, Hertfordshire, UK

Encouraging Self-belief

“Due to the coaching, I achieved all my goals and I learnt to be more relaxed and peaceful. I recently gave up smoking and this has helped me accept that I don’t need to smoke to relax and has made the whole process much easier.”

Michael, Watford, UK