A Glorious Summer of hazy, lazy, crazy days

Battle Proms crowd at Highclere Castle

Summer, glorious summer! I can go into raptures about summer. Hints of summer stir in me when I sense its approach in the tell-tale quality of light on a crisp, bright February day. The child in me delights when the cherry blossoms bloom in abandon. It reminds me of spring in South Africa. Orchard upon orchard of peach treas in bloom and the promise of luscious, juicy, mouth-watering yellow cling peaches; ready for picking and eating straight off the tree. […] Continue reading»

Autumn Riches in the Western Cape South Africa

carving, fish eagle, africa, Diemersfontein, South Africs, Western Cape, wine estate

Autumn in the Western Cape of South Africa is rich in colour and texture and drenched in balmy sunshine. This is what we were looking forward to when we planned our April trip to the wine lands of this region. What we found is a country in a grip of drought. It is warmer than usual for this time of year and evidence of wildfires are everywhere. In many places the vineyards are still green. In others it seems that […] Continue reading»

The Marriage Box

wedding, marriage, wedding rings, marriage ceremony,

What a beautiful day. The venue was beautiful. The ceremony was beautiful. The happy couple was beautiful. The guests were beautiful. Everything worked out perfectly. It was wonderful to see all the meticulous planning coming together effortlessly and smoothly. Hats off to all those who put in all that hard work. I know who you are J I am feeling very proud and ‘expanded’ – like my family grew; which it did. I now have a new daughter (-in-law) and […] Continue reading»

Summer Celebration

sunflower, garden, summer, single flower, tall, symbol of summer

It has become a habit, dare I say Tradition, that I publish a selection of photo’s of the enigmatic British Summer. Summer in the UK is like a box of chocolates, to take poetic license from the lead character in the film Forrest Gump: “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Well, the Great British Summer is like that. Even the smart guys at the Met Office have a tough time. […] Continue reading»

Made with Love

bird, bamboo, chinese brush painting, painting, art, spring

Still on a high from my Expect Miracles programme, I arrived home last week to find a large envelope marked ‘PRINTED MATTER’ on the floor, addressed to yours truly. Bracing myself with a deep breath … you never know … it could be some writ from the taxman … or some other officialdom demanding blood from a stone, I cautiously opened it and removed the contents. And there on the page in front of me, it boldly proclaimed: PERPETUAL BIRTHDAY […] Continue reading»

Sofa to Marathon

It was a BIG goal. A BIG HAIRY GOAL! And they did it  😛 They ran a marathon. 26 miles of grueling physical, mental and emotional effort. For the very first time on 12th April 2015 in Brighton. In Kristen’s own words: It was effectively a sofa start with my first 5km race 10weeks after deciding it (the monster marathon) was possible, now there are 10km and 20km to look forward to and there is no second guessing the ability to accomplish and […] Continue reading»

Visiting the Motherland

Cape Town, Robben Island, Murray Bay

I’m so excited! Tomorrow I’m off to South Africa for two weeks. I am going to Cape Town and the Western Cape primarily to see my Dad and catch up with my brother, his family, more family and old friends. Not only is it a holiday, I am also going to meet some people I have long admired. One of them is Christo Brand, author of the book, Mandela, My Prisoner, My Friend. I often give talks about Nelson Mandela […] Continue reading»

A Project comes Together

All Saints church, Haggerston, London

Every Monday morning, I get an email about ‘Harmonising Energy.’ This week’s started with a question: ‘Do you worry or do you feel concern?   When you feel worried it means you are seeing a problem, and when you feel concern it means you are solving a problem.  Which one are you?’ Oh, I know which one I was on Saturday! Concern – no doubt about that! Our benefit concert for AIMSSEC*, the one I have been working on for several […] Continue reading»

A Very Danish Connection

Winnblad Nymolle, Month Plate, August, Bye Bye

I first met my mother-in-law-to-be over breakfast on Easter Sunday 1978. There were little yellow chickens and tiny eggs and other Easter decorations on the breakfast table, together with Spode crockery, silver cutlery and Stuart crystal glasses and ‘proper’ coffee made with freshly ground beans. Mocca Java comes to mind… Quite an education it was for a simple Afrikaans girl. It is fair to say I did not quite know what to do; so I played ‘follow my leader’ and […] Continue reading»

Summer Abundance

Summer. I love summer in the UK. Yes it can rain. Yes it can be cold. Yes it can be windy. Yes August can be the worst of the summer months when it comes to the weather. Given that this is the month when school is out and the children are on holiday, I hear grumbles every August about vacations on the beach wrapped in towels for warmth and keeping dry under an umbrella. Before coming to the UK someone […] Continue reading»