March, the lion and the lamb

Grandma would be proud of me. She always used to say ‘you are never too old to learn something new.’ Well, today I did just that. You see, I always thought the saying ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb’ means that March begins with the promise of spring and ends with wintry, cold and wet weather. Today I learned that ‘lion’ in this instance means ‘winter’ and ‘lamb’ means ‘spring’. Well, blow me down! […] Continue reading»

Who do you love to work with?

who do you love to work with, ideal client, friend, business partners

On my recent trip to South Africa, I met a young man I would dearly love to work with. If you’re in business and you know your ideal client, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. You meet them and you just know ‘You’re the one!’ This particular young man has taken it upon himself to start up the Cape Town branch of a business that is highly successful in Johannesburg. What I LOVE about him is: His enthusiasm […] Continue reading»

What requires attention?

bowl, lemons, bowl of lemons, lemonade, life of lemons, life gives lemons

It is time to be honest. Brutally honest. Nothing else will do. I have been labouring under a double edged sword. You know how, when you have been working on a project and that project comes to an end, it creates somewhat of a void? That void wants to be filled. You want more of that drive, adrenaline and laser focus that gets the job done. Post project slump. That is where I am at. I know it well from […] Continue reading»

Disgusted of Surrey

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Warning. Rant coming up. If you don’t want to hear about my total disgust with a type of institution we have come to rely on rather than of stashing our hard-earned dosh under a mattress, close this now, protect your serenity and go have a cup of tea in blissful peace. If you want to know what irked me and got the better of me last week, read on. Just remember, you have been warned… Last week I did that […] Continue reading»

Baobab Myths and Stories

baobab, adansonia digitata, upside down tree, monkey bread tree

There is much more to the baobab tree than its physical appearance, properties and mystical qualities. It is also the inspiration behind several myths and stories. Upside Down Stories Legends abound as to why the tree looks like it has been stuck upside down into the ground. One story goes that the god Thora did not like the baobab growing in his garden, so he plucked it out and threw it out over the wall of Paradise. It fell on […] Continue reading»

What is a Baobab?

baobab, monkey bread tree, upside down tree, tree of life, dead rat tree, super-food, kremetart boom, brood boom

“What’s a BAOBAB?” “How do you pronounce it?” “Why is it called ‘The Baobab Way?’” These are some of the questions I have been asked again and again of late. So I thought it is time to spill the beans on the baobab. First things first, let’s look at the pronunciation: It is simple really: ‘Bay-oh-bab.’ BAY, as in ‘bay’ window; ‘OH’ as in ‘Oh, that’s easy!’ and ‘BAB’ as in ‘Fab! I get it! 😀 ’ Admittedly, ‘fab’ is […] Continue reading»

Every outcome leads to learning

I have a friend who teaches mathematical concepts using balloons and soap bubbles at primary schools. She has a magical phrase she shares with the children: Every outcome leads to learning. It is very interesting to watch the children when she gives them a mathematical puzzle to solve. They look at each other. They look at their teachers. They look at the teaching assistants. They are looking for reassurance before they venture a response. They don’t want to get it […] Continue reading»

Beware the Meaning Making Machine

Sad figure, story, not smiling, perplexed

We are meaning making machines. We hear things, see things, filter it through our experiences, judgements and assumptions to make sense of the world around us and give it meaning. In short, we tell ourselves a story. Then we believe it. From our point of view, it is the absolute truth. Given this certainty, we then decide what to do next. Here’s an example. Say you are on a local commuter train, off to visit a friend. The carriage is […] Continue reading»

Heart to Heart Conversations

Mother, daughter, affection, trust, love, togethernessther

Last night my daughter and I had a good old heart to heart. She talked her heart out about a number of things: finances, relationships, home ownership, friendships, the kind of relationship she would like to have. You name it, we talked about it! We went deep. It touched a nerve deep inside her and deep in me. We communicated – a true meeting of hearts and minds. It wasn’t always easy for her. Tears and laughter punctuated our conversation. […] Continue reading»

How to get your own back

You know how it is. Sometimes something happens or someone says something that makes you SO angry, SO furious, you could spit at them. You want to just get your own back, hurt them, stick a knife in deep and twist it with relish. Some people throw things: knives, dinner plates, hairbrushes, expensive vases. As far as I know, I have not actually done something like this. If I have, I was so out my mind and mad with fury, […] Continue reading»