What a horse taught me about perseverance

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Many years ago, I signed up for horse-riding lessons. My children, 5 and 9 at the time, wanted to learn. Instead of sitting on the sidelines watching, I decided I might as well join them. Next thing I knew, I was the butt of jokes and laughter around the arena and beyond. My clumsiness, my ‘sack-o-potato’ riding style, my inability to control the horse, my scaredy-cat facial contortions and habit of veering away from the smallest of obstacles, trotting poles […] Continue reading»

A System Designed for Growth

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I know a good system when I see one. It comes from having been in systems all my life: first Radiography and then Information Technology. I am endlessly fascinated by separate components that come together like cogs in a wheel to produce a result that is greater than the whole. Let me explain. When I was a radiographer and CAT scans, a.k.a., Computer Assisted Tomography, made an appearance in the medical world, I wanted to be part of it. I […] Continue reading»

Keep it Simple. Less is More.

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It is that time of year when your inbox is full of emails encouraging you to •  plan for your best year yet •  set a big hairy goal •  dream big •  make your New Year resolutions stick and •  tips for what to do if they don’t. This is when the rebel in me comes out. I feel I am being coerced down a particular path. Like being forced to take foul-tasting medicine. Don’t get me wrong. It […] Continue reading»

Mirror Work

Louise Hay taught me about mirror work in her book ‘You can heal your life.’ I did what many of us do. Shelf-development. I read it without stopping to do any of the exercises, then stashed it on a bookshelf. From time to time I’d take it down, open it randomly and start reading. For the next few months it would lie next to my bed until I got fed-up with the accumulating pile (of books) and in a fit […] Continue reading»

Rev up your FUN-o-meter!

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I have been told off. Again! Erm… Yes, I am over-egging it (quite a lot in fact), because the message was loving and gentle. It is a message that comes my way from time to time. Apparently I don’t heed it, or heed it enough, so it pops up again and again. And the message is HAVE MORE FUN! Bring MORE fun into your life. ALLOW yourself to have more FUN! Experience it. Feel it. Enjoy it. Let go. Let […] Continue reading»

Courage to Trust

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Imagine … You wake up. Wide awake. It is dark – middle of the night dark. You look at the clock on your nightstand. 2:10am. Aargh! You only went to bed two hours ago after putting in extra hours in an effort to catch up on your project. No luck either. You’re nowhere closer to a solution on the latest issue. You’re tired. No, exhausted! You toss and turn, your mind whirling with the details of the issue. 2:30am and you’re […] Continue reading»

A Personal Breakthrough

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Last week we finished the Expect Miracles program. It being the last session, we reviewed the work we had done over the preceding weeks, anchored what we have learned, celebrated our courage to do the work and concluded the seven week journey. It was a fabulous session. I felt it in my bones and the participants comments afterwards echoed my experience. Simply marvelous! I felt wonderful! I was on a high. I had designed the course, marketed it, developed the […] Continue reading»

What does SUCCESS mean to you?

My clients are consummate teachers. Last week I asked a new client: “What would success look like in your business?” I expected to hear something along the lines of revenue, sales, profit margins, products, clients, suppliers and the like. Without missing a beat she replied: “Success to me is something totally different.” I was all ears… “Success to me is living a ‘proper’ life. Loving people, being in a loving relationship, loving life, having fun, being loved. Contributing to society, […] Continue reading»

My Learning Outcome

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Last week’s blog was about failure; making mistakes; getting it wrong. I wrote about my friend who teaches mathematical concepts using balloons and soap bubbles at primary schools and the magical phrase she uses to encourage the children to be adventurous and participate in the problem solving. “Every outcome leads to learning” I talked about how interesting it is to watch the children and notice how they Look for reassurance Don’t want to get it wrong Are afraid of making […] Continue reading»

Desire to Retire

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One of my clients has decided the time has come to stop, hang up his working boots and retire. I am very pleased for him. He has worked uninterrupted for more than 40 years. His work is   intellectually demanding, creative and stimulating. He is brilliant at it. Of course, it wasn’t always like that. There were long stretches where he felt that he wasn’t up to the mark. He tells me that for most of his working life, work was […] Continue reading»