Change vs Transition

This quote got me thinking about the time when I first came to the United Kingdom. The first six months were a doddle. Everything was new and exciting. Then the novelty wore off. The glitz dulled and everyday normality set in. This ‘normality’ was not the ‘normality’ I knew back in South Africa. Not at home and certainly not at work. At least at home I had some measure of control. Even the situation at work was in some ways […] Continue reading»

Gateway to Higher Consciousness

I have just been listening to a blog radio talk show featuring Dr James Winborne of the International Academy of Metaphysics and Colin Tipping, Director of the Institute of Radical Forgiveness.  They were talking about the auspicious nature of today’s date – 11/11/11. This date is a gateway to higher consciousness, away from us (global community) experiencing our world as a five-sense physical reality only and beginning to realise there is more to reality than the physical world. Now we know […] Continue reading»

Long Walk to Freedom Statue

This statue of Nelson Mandela marks the entrance to the Drakenstein Correctional Centre, formerly known as the Victor Verster Prison, where Mandela spent the last three years of his incarceration It was at these gates where on 11 February 1990, the day of his release, he was met with a jubilant crowd and news agencies from all over the world.  The statue was unveiled in August 2008 in the presence of Mandela on the occasion of his 90th birthday. Known […] Continue reading»

Welcome To My New Blog…

Well, well… what do you know…  I now have a blog 🙂 So welcome! Welcome! I hope over time you will find something here to inspire you, make you think, and then think again. When that happens, in fact at any time, please leave a comment. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in South Africa, yes, that’s right, apartheid South Africa. If you want me in tears, bawling my eyes out, give me the book […] Continue reading»