Mirror Work

Louise Hay taught me about mirror work in her book ‘You can heal your life.’ I did what many of us do. Shelf-development. I read it without stopping to do any of the exercises, then stashed it on a bookshelf. From time to time I’d take it down, open it randomly and start reading. For the next few months it would lie next to my bed until I got fed-up with the accumulating pile (of books) and in a fit […] Continue reading»

Taking Time to Stand and Stare

Lake District, Cumbria, Buttermere, England, Lakes in Autumn,time to stand and stare

Standing there beside the lake; Feasting my eyes on the expanse of the water, the lush pastures, the majesty of the fells; Listening to the lap-lapping of the water on the pebbles and rocky edges; The breeze caressing my face; Breathing in the clean, fresh air – deep, deep into my lungs until my chest feels like bursting, I am reminded of a poem by William Davies, one we learned at school many moons ago: What is this life if, […] Continue reading»

The Marriage Box

wedding, marriage, wedding rings, marriage ceremony,

What a beautiful day. The venue was beautiful. The ceremony was beautiful. The happy couple was beautiful. The guests were beautiful. Everything worked out perfectly. It was wonderful to see all the meticulous planning coming together effortlessly and smoothly. Hats off to all those who put in all that hard work. I know who you are J I am feeling very proud and ‘expanded’ – like my family grew; which it did. I now have a new daughter (-in-law) and […] Continue reading»

7 Principles for a Happy Life Together

wedding, vows, marriage, love, wife and husband, newly weds, rings, celebrationns

This is a week of great excitement. Saturday is The Big Day. My daughter is one of the brides maids and yes, my son is the groom. It feels like a milestone in MY life! Is this normal? Is this how other mothers-of-the-groom feel? And it feels like I should write something special, which is enough to make all words desert me! Google to the rescue. There are plenty of tips for a long lasting relationship and a happy marriage […] Continue reading»

Summer Celebration

sunflower, garden, summer, single flower, tall, symbol of summer

It has become a habit, dare I say Tradition, that I publish a selection of photo’s of the enigmatic British Summer. Summer in the UK is like a box of chocolates, to take poetic license from the lead character in the film Forrest Gump: “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Well, the Great British Summer is like that. Even the smart guys at the Met Office have a tough time. […] Continue reading»

On Shedding Light and Being the Light

Darkness, light, shedding light, be the light, casting light, dark, light and dark, contrastene

Marianne Williamson is one of my favourite authors. No surprise then that I have a collection of her books; the most recent addition being A year of Miracles, a collection of daily devotions and reflections to help you develop a positive, loving mindset and encourages you to live your best self to bring miracles into your life. You are supposed to take these daily devotions one day at a time, letting them sink in, contemplating them, savouring their wisdom so they […] Continue reading»