A System Designed for Growth

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I know a good system when I see one. It comes from having been in systems all my life: first Radiography and then Information Technology. I am endlessly fascinated by separate components that come together like cogs in a wheel to produce a result that is greater than the whole. Let me explain. When I was a radiographer and CAT scans, a.k.a., Computer Assisted Tomography, made an appearance in the medical world, I wanted to be part of it. I […] Continue reading»

Keep it Simple. Less is More.

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It is that time of year when your inbox is full of emails encouraging you to •  plan for your best year yet •  set a big hairy goal •  dream big •  make your New Year resolutions stick and •  tips for what to do if they don’t. This is when the rebel in me comes out. I feel I am being coerced down a particular path. Like being forced to take foul-tasting medicine. Don’t get me wrong. It […] Continue reading»

A Lesson in Humility and 10 Tips for Parents and Myself

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The festive time is notorious for nebulous arguments, bickering and disagreements to erupt and old family feuds to re-surface. This was going to be a piece about peace and how three words, each starting with ‘P’ helps me maintain my peace, come Christmas or any other time. And that is where the Big U intervened to teach me a lesson in acceptance, humility and presence, perfectly encapsulated in this quote by Ram Dass: ‘If you think you’re enlightened, go spend […] Continue reading»

Heaven has another angel

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Death. It is not something we talk about much in the West. Or think about. Or know about. It is certainly not something we want to happen to us. Especially not those close to us like our families, friends, loved ones. ‘Why?’ we cry. ‘ Why me?’ ‘Why did my beloved have to be taken from me?’ ‘Why is God punishing me?’ How certain we are that God is punishing us when things don’t go according to plan; the plan […] Continue reading»

A Prayer for Peace

I am a firm believer that peace in the world starts with peace in our own lives. As the Dalai Lama says, ‘We can never achieve peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.’ How do we make peace in our own hearts? How do we make peace with those who have wronged, judged us, hurt us and worse? And yet we must. We may as well admit we cannot do it on our own. We need […] Continue reading»

Mirror Work

Louise Hay taught me about mirror work in her book ‘You can heal your life.’ I did what many of us do. Shelf-development. I read it without stopping to do any of the exercises, then stashed it on a bookshelf. From time to time I’d take it down, open it randomly and start reading. For the next few months it would lie next to my bed until I got fed-up with the accumulating pile (of books) and in a fit […] Continue reading»